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The first dry white wine in the history of Château Climens, Asphodèle is, to say the least, one of the singularities of this unclassifiable 1er Cru.

Beyond its genetic character (100% Semillon, 100% from the estate’s terroir), this newborn wine is atypical and could surprise more than one connoisseur. Vinified in a very natural way and following biodynamic principles, this new dry white wine offers a precise interpretation of this unique terroir, shaped by the combination of red clayey sand and limestone. A unique wine, pure and lively, combining grace and character.

“This wine is vibrant and takes us on a journey. It is unquestionably a great white wine.”
JB Thial de Bordenave et Jérôme Baudouin – RVF

“A wine that is both dense and delicate but full of sap, which takes the pretty name of Asphodèle, a sort of field lily, a sign of nature’s rebirth, as biodynamic viticulture dictates. The birth of a great wine!”
Bernard Burtschy – Valeurs Actuelles

“Right from the nose, you enter another world, 100% Semillon obligatory. […] all restraint and elegance”.
Philippe Barret & Philippe Rapiteau – Le Rouge & le Blanc


Appellation : Bordeaux Blanc Sec
Grape variety : 100% sémillon
Geology : Ferruginous clayey sand on cracked asteriated limestone bedrock

Average yield : 45 hl/ha
Average age of vines : 15 years
Planting density : 6 600 vines/ha
Vineyard management : The entire vineyard has been biodynamic since 2010 (Demeter certification)
Vinification : In concrete vats
Ageing : 9 months

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